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Unless noted, I have personally used and highly recommend every item on this page.

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The Proper Role of Government. This booklet should be required reading for every American. It is a short read, it is an easy read and it adds simple clarity to issues that have troubled the American people from the beginning.


Truly, this book is an essential reference for every liberty loving citizen. If you desire to better understand the original intent of the founders, this is the right place or begin.


I had the opportunity of providing security for Brigitte during her recent visit to Idaho. As a Christian who grew up under a powerful Islamic occupation, she has first hand experience and knows of what she speaks. As a person, I like her very much.


Judge Andrew Napolitano critically examines the activities of United States presidents. From early presidents up to President Obama, the author will astound and you with truths that you never suspected.


Podcast Gear

This recorder is my go to for virtually every podcast episode I record. Quality, simplicity, control and affordability make the Tascam DR-40 a real winner.


Here it is again with a few accessories that may help the budding podcaster. Other than the recorder, I have not used the included accessories. Buy at your own risk.


I have not personally used this recorder, but it is extremely highly rated and is reported to be more capable than the Tascam DR-40


This is my goto mic for the bulk of my podcast work. Great product, good price.


I us these phones for podcasting. They sound great, take a lot a abuse and keep working, comfortable for hours at a time, and they will not break the bank.


This six channel mixer has served me well. However, it does not have aux-send, so be sure that is not a problem before you buy.


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