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We are pleased to offer a variety of marketing opportunities to fit your needs.

Banner Ads

We have tried to provide banner advertising that offers sufficient enough flexibility to unleash your creativity.

  • Your banner will generate known results. Your ad will remain active until it has generated a known number of unique user clicks. So, if you purchase 5000 clicks, for example, your ad will remain active until 5000 unique users click on your ad and are delivered to your web site.
  • Your banner can be sized in a variety of creative sizes to capture and keep attention. Create your banner according to the following guidelines:
    • Your banner must not be larger than 60,000 square pixels.
    • Neither dimension, height or width, can be greater than 500 pixels.
    • Examples of acceptable and unacceptable banners include:
      Height Width Square Pixels Comment
      100 500 50,000 Acceptable
      300 200 60,000 Acceptable
      200 250 50,000 Acceptable
      100 600 60,000 Not acceptable, even though the square pixels are within the limit, the width is too long.
      300 250 75,000 Square pixels exceed the limit.
  • Banner Ad Pricing
    Number of Clicks Price Per Click Total Price
    1,000 $0.30 $300.00
    2,500 $0.25 $625.00
    5,000 $0.20 $1,000.00
    10,000 $0.15 $1,500.00

PodCast Advertising


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