An Open Letter to Wayne Hoffman and the Idaho Freedom Foundation Regarding Dustin Hurst

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Dear Mr. Hoffman,

Flip Corruption
Flip Corruption

As I approach a troubling and difficult topic, I wish to affirm that I am and that I have always been a loyal friend to you and to the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Nothing I present below changes that fact and nothing herein places blame of any kind on you or the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

As you are well aware, you and I do not always see things the same way. We have not always been in agreement on the proper course of action with respect to certain issues. However, we have never lost sight of the fact that together, we play for the same team. I am and have always been grateful to you for your efforts and loyalty in this regard.

Those who know me well, understand that I always preach about the necessity of unity among our liberty team members. Our worst enemy is division which destroys unity. When we are divided, we expend all of our energy bickering about insignificant things when we could be accomplishing great things. Therefore, it is with much difficulty and only after intense personal examination that I broach this next subject.

Initially, I believed that the actions of Mr. Dustin Hurst were fueled by his personal outrage because I released the Representative Kelley Packer Scandal story, which he was also working to develop. I surmised that his attacks were only because he had been scooped. In light of an emerging pattern of behavior, I believe that the evidence presented herein will expose Mr. Dustin Hurst as a subversive who has infiltrated the Idaho Freedom Foundation for the purpose of defending the establishment legislature in Idaho State.

I have released many stories regarding the state of affairs here in Idaho. Only three produced undeniable proof of abuse and corruption at the highest levels in the legislature.

  1. The first was the story of Representative Kelley Packer who threatened a Pocatello physician with the loss of his credentials if he testified before a Senate committee. My story documented that she took immediate action to make good her thereat when the good Doctor defied her edict, exercised his first amendment rights, and testified.
  2. The second story detailed the multi-year sexual affair between Senator Jim Guthrie and Representative Christy Perry.
  3. The third story produced an email sent by the Chair of the Ethics Committee, Representative Van Burtenshaw to the House Speaker, Scott Bedke. This email detailed thirteen actions which should result in the discipline or termination of a legislator. These included theft, criminal behavior, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, violence, threats, and intimidation. The email suggested the Representatives Ron Nate, Heather Scott, Priscilla Giddings, Dorothy Moon, Karey Hanks, Christy Zito and one unnamed representative were guilty of all thirteen offenses. The email continued by suggesting that Representative Ron Nate is in an improper personal relationship with Representatives Heather Scott, Dorothy Moon, Priscilla Giddings, Karey Hanks, Christy Zito and one unnamed representative. Most telling was the line where the words, “spreading her legs” were used to describe the actions of Representative Heather Scott.

With regard to the first, Dustin Hurst entered the camp of our enemy, the Facebook group, East Idaho Conservatives. This is a group that espouses that establishment agenda of the the GOP in district 28. Any who dare speak against the status quo are immediately removed. Mr. Hurst entered this group and vigorously defended Representative Packer while attacking the verified facts of the story. This did much damage to those who oppose, in district 28, the corrupt Representative Kelley Packer. As a result, the Pocatello Tea Party drafted a letter in which they strongly requested the termination of Dustin Hurst. This letter was personally delivered to you by the patriot, LaRae Oram (deceased) of Pocatello.

By his actions, Dustin Hurst supports and defends Representative Kelley Packer who:

  1. brought Obamacare to Idaho in the form of the Healthcare Exchange.
  2. fought for and kept chemical abortions legal in Idaho.
  3. sponsored a bill, that nearly passed, in the last session that will make it a crime for the parent of a hearing impaired child to interpret for that child, even in a medical emergency.
  4. is bringing that same abusive bill back this session.
  5. is using her position in the legislature to position herself as a sales rep for a single software company. Thereby giving this single company a significant leg up while destroying fair competition for all others who produce similar products.
  6. is a leading advocate and champion for the implementation of federal policy over the wishes of the people of Idaho.

With regard to the second, Dustin Hurst lashed out when I released the story of the longterm sexual affair between two legislators. The people have a right to know. These legislators are:

  1. Senator Jim Guthrie who receives many thousands of dollars in constitutionally prohibited farm subsidies.
  2. Senator Jim Guthrie who stated in an interview with me, that it is not his job to resist Federal usurpation of powers.
  3. Senator Jim Guthrie who repeatedly and intentionally violated his oath of office, see Article 3, Section 24 of the Idaho State Constitution.
  4. Senator Jim Guthrie who repeatedly and intentionally committed a felony, see Idaho statutes 18:6601.
  5. Representative Christy Perry who intentionally held constitutional carry legislation in the Ways and Means Committee to prevent its passage.
  6. Representative Christy Perry who spread her legs and was rewarded with the chairmanship of a committee.
  7. Representative Christy Perry who launched an attack against Representative Heather Scott for daring to mention the documented truth about leg spreading activities that have been perfected by Representative Perry.
  8. Representative Christy Perry who repeatedly and intentionally violated her oath of office, see Article 3, Section 24 of the Idaho State Constitution.
  9. Representative Christy Perry who repeatedly and intentionally committed a felony, see Idaho statutes 18:6601.

With regard to the third, while preparing to release the information to the people, I contacted Representatives Van Burtenshaw, Ron Nate, Heather Scott, Dorothy Moon, Priscilla Giddings, Christy Zito and Karey Hanks for comment. Within one hour of me contacting Burtenshaw, I received a private message from a concerned patriot about something that Dustin Hurst had posted. Our conversation proceeded as follows:

  1. Patriot, “Lance, what is up between you and Dustin Hurst? News of this is flowing through the back channels like some sort of civil war.
  2. Lance, “It is all Dustin, he has done that for years. If there is a new issue, I am unaware.”
  3. Patriot, “Something about some post you are about to make.”
  4. Lance, “That is new. Now he is criticizing posts that I have not yet made. Not surprised.”
  5. Lance, “What does it say?”
  6. Patriot, “Liberty friends: Lance Earl is going to publish some fake news this afternoon. Don’t bite. Then there is a discussion.”

Please consider a few important facts:

  1. Only Bedke and Burtenshaw had a reason to stop or discredit my release of this information.
  2. Hurst’s claim of “False News” benefited only Bedke and Burtenshaw.
  3. Hurst claimed that my post was “False News”, though I had not released even one word.
  4. Hurst claimed that my post was “False News”, hours before I released it.
  5. Hurst claimed that my post was “False News”, hours before I finalized it.
  6. Hurst claimed that my post was “False News”, hours before I knew what would be in it.

Hurst protected Bedke and Bartenshaw who:

  1. share emails that use the same language against Heather Scott which they are using to destroy her.
  2. share emails that make serious unsupported allegations of misbehavior and crime against seven legislators.
  3. share emails that make serious unsupported allegations that suggest inappropriate personal relationships between Representative Ron Nate and six female legislators.

While Dustin Hurst was actively advancing his attacks, I received the following from a fellow patriot, “There seems to be a schism between you and the IFF. I also spoke with Dustin Hurst about this.” As mentioned above, I am and have always been a friend to the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Mr. Hurst is taking actions to drive and imaginary wedge between myself and you, I can only assume for his own dark purposes. As proof of my friendship, I submit the following:

  1. My defense of the Idaho Freedom Foundation against an attack by Representative Kelley Packer, just a few weeks ago.
  2. My defense of the Idaho Freedom Foundation against an attack by Representative Ken Andrus, just a few months ago.

If this was only a personal thing between myself and Mr. Hurst, I would post nothing. I have demonstrated this by publicly refusing to react to the attacks by Hurst relating the the Packer and Guthrie/Perry issues. I now see this as being much more. Hurst’s repeated defense of the most corrupt in our legislature prove him to be an enemy to liberty. I believe he is motivated by something else or someone else.

Because I saw the incidents relating to the Packer and Perry/Guthrie issues as unfortunate blips on my radar, I did not retain evidence but I can produce witnesses. I do have documentation for all claims made relating to the Bedke / Burtenshaw issue and will produce them upon request.

In closing, I will share one more private message from a patriot, “Dustin knows what I think, and I see that he has taken down his post where he calls you out. Unfortunately the damage has been done. There are many that are upset with the IFF right now. It is going to take some work from Wayne to mend those fences.

Wayne, this last quote speaks volumes. People are seeing Dustin’s actions and associating them with you. I do not see it that way. Dustin Hurst is poison to you and to me and to liberty. The damage we have seen at his hand is only the beginning. In the strongest terms possible, I ask for his immediate termination and a statement from you which distances yourself form his traitorous actions. This will be a good first step to restore faith where it has been shaken.

Before we can clean up the house of representatives, we must clean our own house.

Still your loyal friend,


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  1. Hurst obviously feels as if he is like our corrupt, Establishment legislators – unaccountable. How can anyone, claiming to be for liberty and freedom as does the IFF, support and defend the corrupt actions of our Establishment RINOs? IFF can easily lose its credibility if this is permitted to continue.

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