DPR_29 Bundy, Drexler, Stewart, Engel, and Parker Matter Not in Idaho

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On February 9, 2017, I sent Resolutions for Idaho’s Political Prisoners to the State of Idaho. Two-thousand of her people saw the resolutions and thought enough of them to share  or like them on Social Media. Of those two-thousand, only thirty cared enough to send three simple emails. Even so, this resulted in more than four-thousand emails being delivered to each member of our legislature and each Idaho Sheriff.

But, what if the two thousand had each taken time to send three simple emails. If this had occurred, nearly 300,000 emails would fill the in-boxes of our elected officials. Because the demands of the people were weak, the response from those we hired to defend our rights was non-existent.

When we begin to do our job, our elected will have no alternative other than to do theirs. Until the, the Blessings of Liberty will continue to shrink.

Will you stand now? Please click here to show that these men matter to you.