DPR_12 Can You See? (everything testifies of Christ)

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This podcast is a remake of a column I wrote for the Idaho State Journal in 2013. It has always been a favorite of mine, so I wanted to present it in an audio format. I hope you like it as well.

This past week, my good friend Monte, telephoned. It was great to catch up, to hear that his life is good and that he is grateful.

Lance Earl
Lance Earl

In time, the conversation turned to his concern for another of his friends. He spoke of the great faith that was once an important part of this man’s daily life. He described his deep sadness when he learned that his friend now chooses to not believe in God.

As Monte poured his heart out, I gazed at the view outside my office window. Looking north up the Rockland valley, I first noticed a perfect, cloudless sky. It was painted in a sapphire blue that can also be seen in the eyes of my first and only love. The mountains that define the eastern limit of the valley were dressed in fresh new snow. The afternoon sun rendered them in such a brilliant white that it almost hurt look on them.

I marveled at the balance and order in the expanse before my eyes.

I have seven younger brothers. When we were boys we used to play a game. We would each spin a quarter on a table top and then let them fight it out. The last quarter spinning was the winner. They spun and moved by accident, chance, or happenstance. There was no order because chaos was their master.

When bodies are set in motion and left to govern themselves they careen and collide in random and unpredictable ways. Yet, in our little corner of space, planets and moons spin and move at tremendous speeds. Our home circles a fiery furnace that gives life and will cause death if our relationship to it were to change by even a small percentage. The push of inertia and the pull of gravity are maintained in a perfect celestial balance. These bodies in motion possess immense destructive power and still, they exist in perfect, peaceful harmony.

A small flock of partridge glided to a perfect landing in the field outside my window. I focused on that field and others in this valley. They will soon be green and then golden with waving heads of ripened wheat.

Have you ever held a single grain of wheat in your hand and wondered at the mysteries it contains? How can it sleep for years and years and then suddenly spring to life at just the perfect moment? How does it know? How does it grow and reproduce itself a hundred times over in a matter of a few short months?

The immensity of billions of points of light in a twinkling night sky, the mountains that rise above, and the oceans that stretch beyond the limit of my vision leave me humbled… grateful. The magic of a perfect sunset, the song of a bird, the stillness of morning, and the love of my good wife take my breath away. Everywhere I look and all that I see is awe inspiring… beyond description.

The greatest minds can observe and describe these wonders. They can tell us what is happening and yet, they cannot explain it. They cannot comprehend it. They cannot reproduce it.

It has been said that everything testifies of the literal existence of God. So do I. So do I.