Citadel Review Follow Up

This article is a follow up to a review I wrote some months ago about a Citadel full sized pistol that I own. See my review here. Last week I was on a business trip to northern Idaho. While visiting PNW Arms in Potlatch, Idaho, they invited me to stay over and shoot a two day Chris Costa event that was happening at their range. I explained that I did not have enough ammo for such an event. PNW is an ammo manufacturer and they offered to cover the ammo for me, so I said yes.

They brought out a huge box of ammo that they explained could not be sold commercially because it was slightly out of spec, but otherwise should run fine. As I started loading, I noticed that the ammo was a mixed bag of ball and defensive ammo. “Oh boy” I thought, can my gun stand up to this. This mixed ammo could truly be a bag for gremlins for even the best 1911 pistol.

We were at an improvised range that had about one inch of very fine and dusty dirt on the surface. We spent a significant amount of time on the ground shooting in that dirt. As I dropped to a prone position, again and again, and watched my gun hit the ground and disappear into a cloud of dust I wondered how long the poor thing would run. There was literally dirt in everything.

I had two relatively expensive Mec-Gar mags. They eventually clogged up with dirt and stopped running. No amount to flushing them with water would release the follower. Only a complete disassembly and cleaning brought them back to life.

I also had three Act mags from Armscore. They were flawless. My Citadel 1911 was definitely the ugly girl at the ball. Lots of trips in and out of a Kydex holster have rubbed it shiny in many places. Shooting many DallyPost Tactical Challenges has left scratches and dings on the finish and grips. I once heard a song that highlighted the many benefits of marring an ugly girl. These included loyalty and reliability. So there she was, among a host of expensive and custom guns and she never flinched. I estimate that I shot about 1000 rounds of the mixed ammo. I shot so much that I wore a huge blister on the base of my thumb where it rested on the thumb safety. The gun was full of carbon and dirt and it ran without a single hiccup.

Thanks Armscor and Arnel for this superior product.

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