Dragon Slayer for the Ladies

Dragon [drag-uhn] noun

A fierce, violent person, generally a male. A coward that readily flees from individuals of equal size and strength and prefers to prey on smaller, weaker, and defenseless individuals.

Dragon SlayerThis course is for the ladies only. The course is comprised of three hours of classroom to be followed by live fire training. The live fire time will vary depending on the number of course participants. If there are only a few, the shooting can be completed in an hour or so. If the course is full, range time can go as long as four hours.  This course will provide you with a solid foundation of defensive skills. You will learn techniques that can be easily employed to reduce your chances of a dragon attack. You will develop the basic skills necessary to safely and confidently deploy a handgun. The following topics will be covered:

  1. The Dragon mindset and Vulnerability Reduction.
  2. Firearms Safety.
  3. Use of Force and the Law.
  4. Case Studies.
  5. Safe Gun Handling.
  6. Selecting a Handgun
  7. Presentation from the Holster.
  8. Shooting Fundamentals Including Stance, Grip, and Trigger Control.

All challenges will be completed in accordance with the Official DallyPost Tactical Rule Book.

Required Gear


Scheduling and Pricing

Please take a few minutes to view the following videos to better understand our training philosophies and standards.

It has come to our attention that some view this next video and mistakenly assume that this level of shooting will be required of them. This is not the case. Each shooter will begin by shooting a challenge that is absolutely appropriate for their level and experience. Advancing to a more advanced challenge, such as the one depicted below is not required. Each shooter will have the option, but never the requirement to attempt advanced challenges.

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