Dynamic Carbine

This is an all day training course. You will attempt a number of increasingly difficult challenges. Each challenge will combine specified tactical requirements and the DallyPost Tactical moving target system.

Standing GuardWhen you master one challenge, you may repeat that challenge to hone your skills or attempt the next challenge. Each successive challenge will include a more aggressive target and more demanding tactical requirements. How far can you progress?

At DallyPost Tactical, we will not train you until you succeed. Instead, we will stretch you until you fail. It is important for you to know where your personal limits are. After your personal failure point has been established, the real training begins. Together we will work to help you master what previously seemed impossible.

The following topics will be covered… if you advance far enough:

  1. Firearms Safety
  2. Stance
  3. Sight alignment and close quarters sight alignment
  4. Trigger control
  5. Work space
  6. Loading
  7. Press check
  8. Speed reloads
  9. Tactical reloads
  10. Malfunction clearance
  11. Shooting on the move
  12. Use of cover
  13. Supine shooting
  14. Prone and urban pron shooting
  15. Clearing rooms

All challenges will be completed in accordance with the Official DallyPost Tactical Rule Book.

Required Gear


Scheduling and Pricing

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