Progressive Proficiency Training

DallyPost Tactical Challenges are at the heart of our training program. Each Challenge combines a set of tactical requirements with the DallyPost Tactical Target, which can be configured with one of many personalities. You will begin with a challenge that is appropriate for your skill set.

As you master one challenge, you will have the option to continue shooting that challenge, or any previously mastered challenge. Or, you may attempt the next challenge. This is known as progressive proficiency. Each succeeding challenge will combine more difficult tactical requirements and a more aggressive target. Our purpose is to help you become mentally and physically prepared to meet and master skills that will increase your survivability in a lethal encounter.

You completely control how fast and how far you advance. This means that you will never become bored because the challenge is too easy and never become overwhelmed because the challenge is beyond your abilities.

Our ultimate objective is to train you until you reach the limit of your ability. We believe that it is foolish to train until you succeed and very wise to train until you fail. This way, you will understand where your personal limits are. This is where your advanced training begins as you work to master today what was impossible yesterday. To date, no shooter, no police officer, no member of the military and no competitive shooter has successfully mastered all challenges.

Challenges are currently offered in  Pistol, Carbine, Two Gun (pistol and carbine), and Three Gun (pistol, carbine and long rifle).

All challenges will be completed in accordance with the Official DallyPost Tactical Rule Book.

Required Gear


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