Target Introduction

The DallyPost Target is a multi-purpose moving target system that has been created primarily to serve as a firearms training moving target or as a moving target for the training of working cow horses. However, this target is capable meeting training requirements for a large variety of purposes. Each target system consists of a base control unit and add on functionality modules. This makes it possible for the target owner to create a customized system to meet specific requirements. This also gives the target owner control over the cost of the system.

Target Control Panel

Target Control Panel

Target operation is controlled with a compact remote transmitter. This allows the operator to enjoy complete control from any location within 200 feet of the system control unit.

The target system is uniquely portable. The largest part of the system is the main control unit which is not much larger than a hat box. Add a few pieces of hardware, a few hundred feet of para-cord and the system can be up and running in a matter of minutes. All that is required is two or three hard points, these can include trees, fence posts, etc.

The system is powered by any 12 volt automotive battery which means the there is no limitation to the places where the system can used.

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