Training Testimonials

Emily Wright

This class was awesome!! The instructor, Lance Earl. really knew how to “come down to my level” when it came to handling my gun.

Polar Bears and Dragon Slayers

Polar Bears and Dragon Slayers

When I arrived at the class, I received a printed course outline. That was nice so that I didn’t have to spend the whole time writing everything down. This was a three hour class on laws, safety, and how to handle a gun. It was very informative. I enjoyed learning more about safe gun handling in an unloaded, safe environment. We also discussed case studies based on interesting real-world shooting events.

The next day, we (my friends and I) traveled to our instructors private shooting range. He had a course set up with moving targets. After checking and rechecking to see if we were ready, it was GO TIME! This was my favorite part! I feel much more confident using a gun and protecting my family, if needs be.

Sadly, the wind was blowing, it was snowing, and we were freezing! We didn’t last long. In fact, I only got to shoot one time before deciding to head back home. Luckily, I hit the target 9 times out of ten shots! Pretty good for a moving target. I think I shocked everyone there including myself!!

On a nicer day, I returned and completed my training. Lance said that I am a natural shooter. Sweet!

I’m telling all my friends about this class!


Tom Dickman “the most realistic training”

  • High School Teacher
  • University Instructor
  • Competitive handgun shooter

I have been involved in shooting sports since 1980 and have participated in numerous competitions in several states including 3-gun, IPSC, USPSA, Cowboy Action, and Steel.

After using the DallyPost Tactical system, I came away smiling! The target system was set in the random mode and gave me a whole new perspective on target acquisition. It was challenging to react to what the target did. The system gives you an opportunity to practice a whole new set of needed skills.

As a High School teacher and University instructor, I appreciate how thorough DallyPost Tactical has been in the development of this system. Of all the shooting scenarios I have shot, this is without a doubt, the most realistic tactical training I have seen.


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