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I would like to take a few minutes and address a troubling reality that is well known by all who stand for liberty. We are all painfully aware of how difficult it is to meet new people and motivate them to stand with principle. We are all painfully aware of the reality, that we alone are not enough. It seems that no matter how hard we work to plan events and grow our numbers, week after week, month after month, and year after year, there is not much of a change.

I think there is a solution. But, before you continue reading, please view the following video as it will help you better understand the rest of my comments…

Now that you have seen my target system in action, let me get to the solution.

Black Robe Regiment

Black Robe Regiment

First and foremost, freedom is not possible without faith. Everything we do is patterned after the Black Robe Regiment. If you are unfamiliar with these amazing patriots of faith, please take the time to become acquainted. Any effort to restore the principles of liberty without the principles of God will fail. If you believe this to be true, please read on.

In 2014 when I ran for the state legislature, I was invited to a political fair of sorts at a city park. All of the other District 28 candidates were also invited so that people could meet us all in a single location. Each candidate was offered a table… I refused mine. Instead, I asked if I could simply have a straight line running between two trees that were separated by about 100 feet.

I suspended my target system between the trees, replaced the typical cardboard firearms target with my campaign sign and hung a single banner that said, “Hit Me with Your Vote”. For the rest of the evening, we let the target make an endless series of moves that were random in size and speed. We sold buckets of whiffle balls to people who chased after the target and threw those balls. Each participant received a score based on the number if hits on target and the time taken to make the required throws. Those who got the most hits in the shortest period of time earned the highest scores and won a 9mm pistol.

Something amazing occurred. The tables of the other candidates had very few visitors. At my event, however, I had a large and enthusiastic crowd all night long. Why? Well, there was something to see, something to do, and a pistol to win. I covered the cost of the pistol easily and had money left over to fund my campaign.

Based on past experience, I propose the following project:

Objective: To get the message of Faith and Liberty out to as many new people as we possibly can. This means that we will have to go to them because getting them to come to us has generally been a futile effort.

  • Locations:
    • Community celebrations in city parks.
    • County Fairs.
    • Race Tracks.
    • Outside areas near the primary entry of:
      • Gun Shows.
      • Trade Shows.
    • Shooting Bays at busy gun ranges.
    • Shooting bays adjacent to shooting bays where matches are being held because competitors spend a lot of time standing and waiting.
    • And any other location which may be appropriate.


  • I will provide prize gun, target system and every needful thing.
  • At one location near the target, the people will sign in and pay for their chance to play. Because people will be required to go to that location, we will place a table there with representatives from a liberty or church group who will have an opportunity to visit with the people while they wait for their turn.
  • At a second location, the people will have to present themselves to be awarded their raffle tickets. Therefore, we will position a second table at that location where an additional liberty or church group will be represented.
  • If we are set up on a shooting range, the people will shoot their own weapon at the moving target and win a pistol based on the actual score earned.
  • At any location where live fire will be inappropriate, people will purchase a bucket of whiffle balls, which they will throw at the target as described above.


  • March 24, 2017
    • Introductory meeting
    • Maui Wowi
    • 520 E Franklin Rd, Meridian, ID
    • The cost of the room is that each participant must purchase something.
    • Please arrive at 6:30 PM to place your order (the coffee and smoothies are amazing). The meeting will start promptly at 7:00PM and end no later than 8:15PM.
  • March 25, 2017
    • George W. Nourse Range in Nampa Idaho.
    • First light until we run out of shooters.
    • Click here for directions.
    • The normal cost of shooting a challenge winning raffle tickets shall be $10.00. Those who attend the meeting on the 24th or represent their liberty group at the range will receive two challenges for $10.00.

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