Sex-ca-pades of Idaho Senator Jim Guthrie with a guest appearance by… you will never guess

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Some stories are not easy to tell in a dignified and tactful way. Some stories are so base, so disgusting, so repulsive, so offensive that they can only be told in base, disgusting, repulsive and offensive terms. So, plug your ears, cover your eyes and read carefully through the narrow slit in your fingers. This one is going to be a bit gritty.

Senator Jim Guthrie
Senator Jim Guthrie

On August 8, 2016, I received a telephone call from a family member of Barbara Guthrie. Barbara is the wife of Idaho Senator Jim Guthrie of McCammon. I was told that Barbara wanted to meet with me to discuss some inappropriate actions by the Senator. I guess Barbara has seen too much and bit her tongue for too long. She wanted to take a stand. An appointment was scheduled for the next day. For an hour or so, Barbara laid out a scandal of significant proportions.

I must disclose that the content of this column is from the mouth of Barbara and is otherwise unsubstantiated unless noted. You may listen to relevant portions of the recorded interview in the video above.

Barbara began by describing Jim’s return from a DC trip in June of 2014. While placing Jim’s dirty laundry in the wash, she heard a clunk. Hidden inside a sock, she discovered an unexpected item. She was uncomfortable identifying exactly what the item was but confirmed that it was of a sexual nature and would be used by a man and a woman together. In a follow up interview, I asked again and she indicated that it was a purple vibrator and a nearly empty bear shaped bottle of personal lubricant. When confronted with these items, Guthrie admitted to nothing more than a little talk with a woman and some activity that was a little inappropriate.

Not surprisingly, Barbara began monitoring the monthly phone bills to see if the inappropriate was continuing inappropriately. She noted that the same number kept popping up. Senator Guthrie was talking from “1100 minutes to 2500 minutes per month”. That is roughly 20 to 40 hours of conversation each month. Except for phone solicitors, who does that? When I asked, she confirmed that the number does belong to the same woman identified when the purple vibrator had been discovered.

By November of 2015, Senator Guthrie grew tired of having his telephone activity monitored. Per Barbara, Senator Guthrie was about to leave for Boise and asked Barbara to get his phone charger for him. When Barbara opened the console in Jim’s car to plug the charger in, Senator Guthrie allegedly slammed the lid shut. This was his attempt to hide a disposable phone, a burner phone which he ultimately confessed to having.

At one point in the interview, I asked Barbara if she was willing to identify the woman who her husband had been seeing. I was expecting to hear the name of some unknown, insignificant girl. After a short pause, Barbara stated, “Christy Perry”. The next six seconds were the longest of my life. It was like the wind had been knocked out of me. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My mind raced as I let this soak in and began to consider the innumerable implications. “Really”, was all I could manage to say.

I contacted Matt Perry, husband of Christy Perry. In this conversation, he indicated that he may be willing to comment on the affair but needed some time to consider his next move. Since that brief conversation, Matt has not taken or responded to my calls.

So, let me lay this out for you. Apparently, Idaho Senator Jim Guthrie has been swimming in Representative Christy Perry’s pool. Apparently, Idaho Representative Christy Perry has been swinging Senator Jim Guthrie’s bat.

These revelations bring to mind a number of disturbing questions. How many meals were written off at our expense, when they were really illicit hookups between immoral leaders? How often have we paid fares, tips and more for the spread and perfection of Godlessness and immorality? How many times did Senator Guthrie write off mileage so that he could travel to Boise for a dip in Perry’s pool? How often did Perry do the reverse for a bit of batting practice? How often, over the years, have this pair traveled across the state or nation in the pretense of official duties only to rent two rooms and use one? How many vibrators were purchased with public funds and what were the exotic colors? How often did these two legislators participate in flirtatious phone conversations or even phone sex when they should have been about the business of the people? These questions, and many more, must now be examined in minute detail. Any infraction, in the smallest sense, is theft against the people and must be prosecuted.

Now, I will shift from what I have been told to those things I can prove. The following are text messages between Guthrie and Perry. They are presented as typed without any effort to correct errors.

July 8, 2014,

  • Guthrie: I’d like I make it with you(:
  • Guthrie: Wish I was
  • Guthrie: Yes
  • Perry: On the phone(:
  • Guthrie: Not yet(:

August 13, 2014.

  • Guthrie: Good morning beautiful (; I’m in a meeting….everything ok?
  • Perry: can I call you in a few minutes?
  • Perry: Thank you … In 7 mins 23 seconds or less(:
  • Guthrie: The timer is set at eight minutes I gave you a little leeway….. you generally need it(:
  • Perry: You are distracting me…
  • Guthrie: Really imagine what I could do if I sent a picture…
  • Perry: Or a video(:
  • Guthrie: I’m gonna shower right quick…..give me just over 6 mins….
  • Perry: I’m ready to talk now.,,
  • Perry: You should drop everything and talk to me(:
  • Perry: I’m timing you…
  • Guthrie: I’m ready(:
  • Perry: Timer went off(:
  • Perry: You are such a tease !
  • Perry: Talk now?
  • Guthrie: Yes

Really? Emogees? This is the type of conversation that might be found by the disappointed parents of two high school freshmen.

Oh, and speaking of sending a picture, I believe the Senator did. I am in possession of a decidedly vulgar, decidedly offensive and mildly pornographic selfie of an adult male. The face of the man is not visible. It is a shame that other parts of the anatomy, private parts, are not obscured as well. This image was received from Barbara Guthrie who positively identified the man as Senator Jim Guthrie. She also indicated that she got the image from Jim’s phone when the phone account was in her name.

I am in possession of itemized phone records that show exorbitant minutes of conversation between the phone numbers of Guthrie and Perry.

  • November 2013, 1317 minutes
  • December 2013, 1046 minutes
  • January 2014, 805 minutes
  • April 2014, 2319 minutes
  • August 2014, 1590 minutes
  • September 2014, 1060 minutes

This represents an average of 22.6 hours of monthly conversation spanning nearly a full year. I should note the in January when the minutes fell to 805, the pair were together in Boise for the legislative session. Barbara has assured me that the missing bills are in the hands of her attorney and that they document the highest monthly minutes of all. If the missing months in fact, document higher minutes than those which are available to me, Guthrie and Perry spent roughly 40 hours monthly in sexual chitchat. Throw in texting, actual sack time and one must ask, when did the pair find time to perform their legislative duties and keep the promises made to the people?

Having not always been the saint I am today, I know that those who live on the edge of lawlessness seldom get caught for the first offense. If the following comments seem harsh, please accept my apology. Considering the low bar set by Guthrie and Perry, I cannot stoop lower, I cannot crawl lower. Perry rose up fast and has been protected by some of the most powerful in the state… public pool? Guthrie allegedly tells Barbara that spouses are not invited to state events when in fact, they are… batting average?

These are base questions but this is a base topic, originated by two who should know better. If these allegations are true, we have placed two in high positions who are oath breakers, covenant breakers, deceivers, liars and family wreckers. If these allegations are true, we have placed two in high positions who place their own selfish and lustful wants above the genuine needs of family, friends and the people of Idaho. The question is this. Are we willing to trust our state, our children, our futures to these who have proven unworthy of any level of trust?

John Adams stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” I now leave it to you. Will you demand that these allegations be aggressively investigated? If found to be factual, will you see to it that these two never fill a public seat again? My future, your future, Idaho’s future is in your hands.

I telephoned Senator Guthrie and Representative Perry for comment. They did not take my call. I left a message requesting a return call. They have not replied.

I asked Barbara if she would like to say something to the people who have trusted Senator Guthrie. She answered, “When he first got elected he was, in my eyes, the most trustworthy person. He would search everything out and he’s just turned into a true politician. There should be, I’m sorry but I think they’re right, now that I look back, there should be term limits. They should be rotated because once you’re in there so long, you forget why you’re there”.