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Lance Earl
Lance Earl

I have a passion and great love for Liberty. I have a passion and a deep and abiding respect for those early American’s who risked all to secure our freedom. I have a passion for firearms training, specifically defensive and tactical training. These passions can best be understood when you understand a little of my history.

In the late nineties, my family became targeted by a Tacoma gang. There are certain things that change a man forever. I experienced some of these as events transpired. For example, when a man is under attack and is forced to use his car as a projectile, leaving another human being down and broken in the street; or when a man stands, gun in hand, to protect his home with his wife and children at his back; or when a man uses a gun to clear invaders from his home, he will be forever changed.

The most surprising thing of all was that the police became my enemy. This was not something they did with intent. The reality was that I needed to carry and did carry a concealed handgun for the protection of myself and my family. This meant that I was subject, at any time, to arrest for a “serious crime”, even though my actions were protected by God’s granted natural rights and by the second amendment.

In the years that followed, I became increasingly concerned as I realized that my family was again being targeted by a corrupt and growing power mascaraing as the American government.

Lance Earl Shooting
Lance Earl

I was changed when I realized that all of my firearms training, military and otherwise, was useless in the face of determined violent criminals. I was changed when I realized that all of my civic training in the home of my youth, in school, in my church, as a Boy Scout and as a member of the military was useless in the face of dedicated constitutional criminals. You see, we learn to cook in real kitchens, learn to drive in real cars. But firearms training generally occurs on a flat range with static targets where the stress and pressure of actual lethal events are never experienced. But, training in our civic duties and sacred duty is generally limited to occasionally reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

That is why I have dedicated my life to becoming the best firearms and constitutional instructor that I can be.


NRA certified Pistol Instructor.

  • NRA certified Range Safety Officer.
  • U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force firearms qualifications. Weapon systems include the M16, M60, 38 Special revolver and the M60 for helicopter door gunnery.
  • Advanced firearms training with Chris Costa, founder of Magpul Dynamics.
  • I am a patriot who is politically active. I have discovered that the founding documents were written to be understood by simple men like myself. Because I understand, I share.
  • I ran for the Idaho State Legislature in 2014 because many of our current law makers think nothing of destroying the Constitution. And as it dies, so dies freedom.
  • I am a natural communicator and educator who is happy and comfortable in front of people. I am anxious to come to you, where you are, that together we might shake off the scaled of ignorance.
  • I love God and dedicate all of my efforts in his Holy Name.