DallyPost Radio Mission Statement

DallyPost RadioThomas Jerfferson stated that reasonable people, equally informed, will tend to agree with each other. We believe the same. Therefore, our primary objective is to actively seek out and inform the reasonable people of these united States.

We believe that people and groups, in the liberty movement, tend to focus on narrowly identified issues, for example, the second amendment, abortion, education and so forth. While each issue is important, they are all symptoms of a larger and more aggressive disease. This being that the federal government is intentionally operating outside of its appropriate limits and that the States are not exercising their sworn duties. These limits and duties are identified and clarified in the Constitution and other founding documents.

We believe that a restoration of the Republic will only occur when the people forcefully and assertively rise up and take control of their states, thereby forcing elected and appointed officials, at every level, to honor their constitutional oath of office by exercising the duties to which they are individually sworn.

We will realize these objectives by:

  1. Producing a Constitutional Studies podcast on the first Monday of each month. These will focus on the essential, but nearly forgotten, remedies for federal usurpation, with support and clarification from the founding documents.
  2. Producing a monthly Round Table podcast as a follow up to the preceding Constitutional Studies. This podcast will be presented by Lance Earl and three to five additional liberty leaders. These people will sit together in a room where they will frankly discuss the points presented in the Constitution Studies podcast. These points will be contrasted with current issues and appropriate remedies in an effort to constitutionally restore the republic. The Round Table will go on the road. Thereby allowing liberty loving patriots, from many areas, an opportunity to weigh in on important matters.
  3. Additional podcasts will be produced throughout the month by Lance Earl or by Lance Earl and a featured guest. These will be designed to apply the lessons of Constitutional Studies to the challenges of today.
  4. Regularly producing state wide rallies where resolutions will be signed by the citizens of the state and delivered to the legislature, the governor and other elected and appointed officials as necessary. The objective will be to force these officials to do their duties by an overwhelming mandate from the people.
  5. Produce a monthly Young Americans for Liberty contest for youth ages 8 to 18. The assignment will require youth to learn about a specific principles outlined in that months Constitutional Studies, record a three minute speech wherein they teach the principles they learned. Participating youth will compete for a chance to be a co-host for a Constitutional Studies podcast or a Round Table podcast.

Constitutional Studies, Round Tables, other podcasts and reports from Young Americans for Liberty will jointly be DallyPost Radio. Listen to all recent episodes here.

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