Media Center Contributor

The Media Center consists of Blogs and Podcasts by DallyPost and podcasts of trusted contributors. We are actively seeking like-minded podcasters who are willing to provide regularly scheduled podcasts. If you are interested, your duties will be as follows:

  1. Request a unique URL to your posts. It must be in the form of For example, This will be a one time task as this URL will point to a growing directory of your podcasts.
  2. Create your podcast and upload it to your podcast server. Sound Cloud is a good option if you are looking for something free.
  3. Send us an email including:
    • Podcast name.
    • Episode name.
    • Embeddable podcast player code snippet, provided by your podcast server.
    • Show notes. This is text which you want to accompany your podcast. It should be key word rich so that search engines will easily find your show.
  4. Monitor the comments associated with your podcast and participate as necessary to encourage active participation.

Record and Edit a Podcast.

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