From Idaho, there are four men languishing in prison.

Idaho Capital

Idaho Capital

In 2014, they traveled to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada because they saw people being abused and their constitutional rights taken by federal agents. They were there for about twenty-four hours. They had no personal interaction with federal agents. They caused harm to no one. Yet, the will have been behind bars for approximately one year when there trial starts. As I see it, the constitutional rights of these men have been violated as follows:


  1. They were arrested by federal officers when the Constitution prohibits policing powers in the states except for counterfeiting and treason.
  2. They are being held by the same constitutionally prohibited agencies.
  3. Though they are not charged with a violent crime, bail. The only thing worse than excessive bail is no bail at all. The constitutional protections under the 8th amendment have been denied.
  4. Before their trials begin, they will have been held in a cage for a year or more. The constitutional protections under the 6th amendment have been denied.
  5. The Sheriffs in their respective counties failed to honor their oaths of office when they did not stop the unconstitutional arrest of these men.
  6. The Idaho Legislature has failed to honor their oaths of office by failing to speak in defense of these men.
  7. The people in the state of Idaho, with a few exceptions, have failed to honor their applicable constitutional oaths or pledges of allegiance by not speaking in defense of these men.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Those who are guilty may nor agree with the tactics of these men. That is beside the point. The protections of the Constitution must apply to all, or they will soon apply to none.

Starting now, we can begin to make a difference.  I have committed to create an art quality image, that documents the harsh reality for these men, their families and their friends. It is my hope that you will purchase these pieces and display them in a location that will likely start a discussion. Talking about this issue and education the people is the first and essential step toward liberty.


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