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I need your help and I am willing to make it worth your time. Here’s the deal. I recently transitioned from writing columns and blog posts to producing a podcast. I like it so much better. Spelling isn’t an issue, punctuation isn’t and issue. If I want to be excited or angry or happy, I can just be excited or angry or happy and you get the point without me relying on a ton of creative writing.

There is a down side. I need to build my audience and that is where you come in. Each time I reach a specified number of listeners during a single day, I will give away 30 round AR15 magazines, DallyPost Tactical T-shirts or some of both.

To help me out and to be eligible to win, you need to do a few things.

Required actions if you want to be eligible:

  • Look to the right for a SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL box. Enter your email address and click subscribe. This will add you to our list so that you will be automatically informed each time we launch a new episode. When we draw for rewards winners, those who have subscribed will be eligible.

Recommended actions that will result in more drawings and more rewards distributed:

  • Tell you friends about this page so that they can join in.
  • Listen to our podcast. Remember, it is only by listening that we reach our goals and give away our gear. Our programming is as follows:
    • Sunday Morning, Christian Studies: This podcast is modeled after the great pastors of the revolution who understood that faith and freedom are always linked.
    • Monday Morning, Constitutional Studies: This is your opportunity to learn seldom told and amazing stories of our country while coming to understand the principles that make and keep us free.
    • Tuesday Morning, Defensive Studies: This is where we discuss training topics, firearms and announce training opportunities.
    • The rest of the week: These podcasts will focus on current political or social events and attempt to apply the principles covered in Christian Studies, Constitutional Studies and Defensive Studies.

We will hold our first drawing of five brand new Amend Two Magazines when we hit 500 podcast downloads in a single day.

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