DPR_26 The First Rule of Gun Ownership

Should you own a gun?

The first rule of responsible gun ownership requires a detailed and intimate examination of one’s self. Will your ownership increase the safety of yourself, your family and society around you? It is an undeniable truth that some and perhaps many among us should never be in possession of a gun. It is an undeniable truth that most of us, in our natural state, should never be in possession of a gun. Yet, freedom and safety demand that the people must be armed.  The question then is this, what is your responsibility and mine if we desire to keep and bear arms?

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One Response to DPR_26 The First Rule of Gun Ownership

  1. kim&steph says:

    We sincerely appreciate your podcast on above subject. Why should we carry a firearm or any kind of weapon? Why have a firearm or weapon in the home? We sometimes answer these questions “it is our constitutional right.” YES, that is true. However in the big picture of life, we repeat “the big picture”, a firearm or any kind of a weapon is a tool, like our favorite air impact gun, or favorite frying pan in the kitchen. We need to know how to use these tools successfully that we do not hurt ourselves, family, children, or others. We began our journey a few years ago and took the course to obtain our enhanced concealed weapons permit. Three quarters of a day of classroom, and then a trip to the range to fire 99 rounds. We were certified, or not? Now that we have this permit, what are our reasons? The cart before the horse scenario? We began to train, as a couple, and had fun and serious fun learning from various instructors. To enhance our training we studied and became firearms instructors, more training, and eventually we have the credentials to certify other firearms instructors. Do we know it all? No. Have we been in an encounter? Yes. We have our own range as we live in the country, therefore we shoot and defensive train at least weekly. We desire more training from other instructors, and will continue to seek more knowledge and training. Hopefully when we have an escalated encounter, and our adrenaline, and our sympathetic nervous system kicks in, we can make the right choices. Maybe not, but hopefully our training will help. Maybe the choice is run away, OR not be in the situation to provoke an encounter. (Such as the lady you spoke of in your podcast.) Let us digress for a moment, as time passes, we will speak and write about the conditions of awareness. We see people that have firearms in classes, that cannot hit a target because of a heavy trigger pull. We see people that have chosen a complicated firearm, say with a decocker, safety, or what ever and they do not know “what button to push.” Why carry? Why have a weapon in the home? Can one successfully use that tool? Do you know your rights? Do you know your castle doctrine? What happens when you brandish your tool? What happens when you have to pull that trigger in an encounter? What is the aftermath? Every bullet that leaves a firearm is a responsibility. Simply, what are the rules of gun safety, or weapon safety? We need to digress again, we were in a hunter’s safety class with one of our children. The instructor stated, and we will never forget his words, while hunting, “if your gut feeling tells you not to fire your rifle, don’t fire.”
    Yes, we have a right to bear arms, we have a right for protection. Use your decisions wisely, think and train. Know the rules of gun safety, or weapon safety, say them out loud! Go to a range and shoot. Enjoy your right, responsibly!