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They who abandon these men

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There is no business in the Idaho Capital Building that is of greater importance than the defense of our own political prisoners. Any legislator who takes a stand for these men will undertake to do the essential work defined by the founders, which is to defend the Sovereignty of the State and Secure the Blessings of Liberty.

On February 9, 2017, I wrote and distributed a document entitled Resolutions for Political Prisoners. The effort resulted in more than 5,000 emails being sent to our legislature. As nearly as I can tell, none, not one have lifted a finger to follow the directions of the People of Idaho. This is shameful and unforgivable.

I recently produced a photograph which documents the failure of our elected officials. It is available on archival paper in a variety of sizes and will shipped from a professional printer directly to you.

Starting now, we can begin to make a difference.  It is my hope that you will purchase these pieces and display them in a location that will likely start a discussion. Talking about this issue and educating the people is the first essential step toward liberty.

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