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DPR_23 Unfounded Allegations Located in the In-box of Scott Bedke

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A recent Freedom of Information request, which was initiated by some one else and sent to me, turned up some troubling and libelous accusations against Liberty Legislators. In total, I counted 85 separate allegations against Rep. Ron Nate, Rep. Heather Scott, Rep. Christy Zito, Rep. Priscilla Giddings, Rep. Karey Hanks, and Rep. Dorothy Moon. These are not hard allegations, but certainly, they are smears, they are a witch hunt and they are inappropriate activities for Rep. Scott Bedke, the Speaker of the House and Rep. Van Burtenshaw, the Chair of the Ethics Committee.


Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read a special note to Dustin Hurst of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.


The following emails were reportedly included in a Freedom of Information Act request that I did not initiate. I know the source and believe him to be reliable. I, however, do not have first hand knowledge of the source or the authenticity. Therefore, the following email was allegedly sent from Rep. Van Burtenshaw to Rep. Scott Bedke.

Several hours before I released this post, Dustin Hurst posted to Facebook:

Liberty friends: Lance Earl is going to publish some fake news this afternoon. Don’t bite.” Then there is a discussion.

It is interesting to me that Dustin thought he knew what I would post even before my post was finalized.

If it had been left to Dustin, no one would have known about the affair between Senator Jim Guthrie and Representative Christy Perry. I leave it to you, did you have a need and a right to know about this?

If it had been left to Dustin, no one would have known about the scandal where Representative Kelley Packer threatened Dr. Jason West with retaliatory legislation if he testified against her pet bill. I leave it to you, did you have a need and a right to know about this?

In both of these cases, Dustin did not bring you the story. In both of these cases, Dustin took to Facebook with all manner of rancor in attacks against me. Dustin, I do not have or want a fight with you. I do not understand your aggression. If there is something we should resolve, please call.

Shortly after seeing this message, Dustin sent me a text. “Hey Lance. Not interested. Thanks.”

See the ongoing rage of Dustin Hurst in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “DPR_23 Unfounded Allegations Located in the In-box of Scott Bedke

  1. A couple things, then I’m out….

    Lance had a totally different story this morning. He thought he had something else. He didn’t. He panicked a lot of people without cause. It was irresponsible.

    Lance didn’t have a smoking gun on Packer and still doesn’t. She’s still in office; he’s ranting on the Internet.

    Final thing: Besides being a pain, what has Lance actually accomplished for the liberty movement? Has he removed someone from office? Passed good legislation? Anything? I’d love to hear an actual accomplishment.

    Now, I can’t wait for someone to call me a liberal or a constitutional criminal. Have at it.

    1. Just a few clarifications:

      Dustin said, “Lance had a totally different story this morning”. Not true, my story was the same from beginning to end. I have emails to our legislators to prove my point. Dustin was not consulted regarding my story. Therefore, everything and anything he had pertaining to the story was second hand and flawed. Even then, he felt justified in declaring to the world the story I was about to run, of which he had no first hand knowledge, was “FAKE NEWS“.

      With regard to the Packer story, I had smoking guns by the bushel. This is the kind of story that scares newspapers to death. It scared the Idaho State Journal, especially since Packer threatened to sue of they ran it. The Journal got all of its attorneys involved and took a full two weeks to vet every detail. That was a rough two weeks for me because I feared that this important story would never see the light of day. During that two weeks, rumors were flying that a lobby firm, who was named in the story, had leaked that they would sue me if the story ran. I knew my duty so I swallowed hard, sweat a lot and pressed forward. After the two week vetting period, the Idaho State Journal was satisfied that all of my allegations were verifiable and they published the story.

      It was while I was working on this story that Dustin and I first became acquainted. I had contacted him to see if he knew anything. From that day forward, he contacted me regularly to see what I had uncovered. Dustin was as interested in this story as I. I assured him again and again that I would release the story as soon as certain facts could be verified. I have the texts to prove this. The verification actually occurred when my story appeared in print in the Idaho State Journal. That was the first notification that I had that the facts were verified. It was over this story that Dustin first launched his personal attacks on Facebook. He did it again over the Guthrie/Perry story, and he is doing it now. I should also point out that my story did not contain so much as a comma or period that was provided by Dustin. I took nothing from him.

      I have no understanding about why Dustin is so angry, but I have a suspicion. Dustin wanted the Packer story for himself in a bad way. He argues that I published too soon and he may be right. Such decisions are difficult and subjective. The one undeniable reality is that Dustin got scooped and I think this is what became stuck in his craw and remains to this day, firmly lodged.

      For the record, you will not find any public personal attacks by me against Dustin. For the record, the reverse cannot be said about Dustin. For the record, I will never attack him, even in retaliation. Just yesterday, January 26, 2017, in a phone voice-mail and in this post, I offered to speak with him in an effort to settle this thing between us. I believe it is imperative that we move forward as brothers in liberty. Dustin responded to my offers of resolution on January 26 at 2:53PM in a text. He said, “Hey Lance. Not interested. Thanks”.

      Dustin, I still await your call and truly hope for a resolution.

      Dustin has had his say and I responded. Any further back and forth in public view will be destructive. Therefore, I will not approve further comments on this blog from him regarding this issue. I will not comment further on this issue. On my controllable web space, the matter is closed. If Dustin turns to social media to continue the fight, I will simply refer people to this page.

      In this fight for liberty, we are currently losing. The only hope of success is for us all to unite and respect each other as brothers in Liberty and in God. This is my prayer.

  2. All I can say is; That as soon as men gain a little authority as they suppose nearly all men immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion upon their fellowmen, especially when they hold government office.

  3. Dear Lance, I have been following the stories and the responses to them as I have come across them. I find you to be an upright and honorable man, and I also believe that you would not print or say anything untrue, not because of what others might say, but because you must remain true to God first, and then to yourself. There are many who cannot conceive that there are those ofus who, because we love God so much, that we would not willingly separate ourselves from him by doing or saying something that would offend Him. They are too small in their thinking and believe that everyone acts as they would, instead of having a higher level of responsibility. Keep on fighting. I know that the battle is long and you are so weary, but God has given you an ability and the mind to do what others of us cannot. Please knos, that there are people like me out in the wild blue nowhere who ARE aware what you are trying to accomplish and who pray for you. God bless you, Sir.

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