Whores, Pimps and Politicians

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I feel compelled to address the recent column by Representative Ken Andrus, which appeared in the Idaho State Journal.His attack on the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Wayne Hoffman is based on a compilation of half truths and constitutional ignorance. Before I document the ignorance and arrogance of Andrus, let me point out that Hoffman and I do not always see eye to eye. In fact, at times, we have gone head to head on specific issues. However, I have never lost sight of the fact that Hoffman is on the side of liberty. I have never lost sight of the fact that Hoffman lays everything on the line in an effort to make Idaho a better place for us all. I think and I hope that Hoffman would say the same of me.

So, lets get to it. Andrus speaks of a bill but refuses to identify that bill or the issues it affected. Then he condemns Hoffman for testifying in defense of the people’s rights. His accusation gives the reader nothing of substance, no information, no bill identification, no background. He simply asserts that he is right and that Hoffman is wrong. He expects you and I to take him at his word. Smoke and mirrors Mr. Andrus, smoke and mirrors.

Mr. Andres continues by asserting that Hoffman desires to eliminate essential state spending. This is absurd. If any will take the time to look, they will discover that Hoffman is opposed to government bloat and waste. Andrus misspoke in the sure knowledge that many if not most of you will take him at his word, never taking the time or making the effort to know the truth.

Andrus continues by stating that the Idaho Freedom Foundation Index only gives high rankings to legislators who vote against spending. The simple truth is that nearly all government spending is wasteful, unconstitutional or both. Idaho is a perfect case in point. Approximately half of the Idaho budget is funded with federal dollars. You see, the federal government is the pimp and we are the whore. Because of that, we are as controlled, as enslaved as any street walker in any city.

Andrus supports his efforts by pointing to his stand on health care. He talks about using federal dollars to provide even more entitlements for Idahoans. Thereby, solidifying our status as a whore and as a slave.

You see, Andrus is continuing to feed the problem. There was a time when doctors provided services that the people were able to afford. This was the free market at work… supply and demand. Then government got involved and provided easy money for doctor bills. Because this easy money was available, the cost of care went up. When the government began to regulate insurance companies, more easy money became available and costs rose again.

A circuit board vise is a clamp that is mounted on a base. It securely holds a circuit board while components are soldered in place. When my wife broke her leg, she required an external fixation devise. You know, that scaffolding that pins broken bones in place until they heal. Because of Andrus and a host of similar idiots, my insurance company was charged and paid $20,000 for a collection of parts that can, for a few thousand dollars, be made by any competent machinist with a CNC machine. I have re-purposed the used parts. They now serve as a $20,000 circuit board vise. Absurd!

Andrus is suggesting that more Obama Care money should be used to provide health insurance for the majority of Idaho citizens. Andrus has stated that Obama Care is unconstitutional, though I doubt he can tell you why. While he should be fighting against it, instead, he rushes to crawl before our federal pimp, lick the boots of the tyrant and beg for more money.

Andrus continues by stating that he does not approve of entitlements because some get them and others don’t. Yet he is one of the largest entitlement whores in the state. In a previous column, I challenged him for receiving farm subsidies because they are constitutionally prohibited and because every worker in every other industry does not enjoy the same benefit. In a column, he responded and informed all of us that a man, who he recognizes as a prophet of God, gave his family special permission to violate the Constitution and rob the citizens of America.

My feelings regarding Andrus are not limited to what I see and what I read. I have much in the way of personal experience. Some time ago I wrote a column about a state bill that would give foreign governments exclusive power over Idahoans while stripping them of nine of the first thirteen rights defined in the Idaho Constitution. Someone telephoned me and stated that Andrus was in support of this bill. I called him and he affirmed that he was. We had a long discussion about principles defined in the U.S. Constitution and the Idaho Constitution. In time, he committed to stand against this very bad legislation.

I hung up and began to pray. I prayed that no one else would speak with Andrus before he cast his vote. You see, an ignorant mind is easily manipulated, an unprincipled mind is easily manipulated, an unconstitutional mind is easily manipulated. I knew that if Andrus spoke with another who had the gift of debate, Andrus would flip flop like a freshly landed trout.

Ken, you may be tempted to reply in another column. Instead, I suggest a head to head discussion on my web-cast. You name the date.

You can read the Andrus column below:

The Idaho Freedom Foundation and Wayne Hoffman

Before and during this past May Primary election, the Idaho Freedom Foundation with Wayne Hoffman as president was in the political news big time. They got involved in legislative races. Who are they and what is their agenda? My comments are my own observation and opinion.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation is somewhat a political watchdog. They are very conservative. They get involved in tax policy, spending, and individual freedoms. They try to influence legislative votes and keep track of the voting record of all legislators, score it, and then publish the score.

Who of us cannot be supportive of an organization with such a noble purpose? However, the last couple of years I have been less impressed with the organization and Mr. Hoffman.

For example, two years ago the Legislature was involved in heavy debate regarding repealing a law passed in the two sessions previous, the result of which allowed an industry to violate the state constitution. The Legislature eventually repealed the law, but not before Wayne Hoffman testified that the law should not be repealed because it would violate the right of citizens’ free agency. That is one reason the Idaho Freedom Foundation lost credibility with me. Similar testimony has been given by Mr. Hoffman on other bills.

Another flaw of the Idaho Freedom Foundation: no state department, agency, or organization can function without a legislatively approved budget, including schools, prisons, the Department of Fish and Game, etc., even self-funded agencies.

The Joint Finance and Appropriation Committee (JFAC) comprised of some of the most capable members of both the House and the Senate, review the state revenue, the projected revenue and then allocate the money and recommend budgets to be voted on by both House and Senate chambers. I have seen only three budget proposals fail in 12 years and they were passed after amending.

Legislators who get the highest score based on Idaho Freedom Foundation’s scoring index are legislators who vote against budgets because budgets allocate expenditure of money. These are protest votes. The more budget bills a person votes against, the higher the index rating (score). In my view, that is a very deceptive way to evaluate a legislator’s performance.

I knew that my score this past year would not be high because of my position on health care in an effort to provide some insurance coverage to the 78,000 Idahoans in the so called “gap”. Most are hard- working Idahoans with income too high to qualify for full Medicaid and free access to the emergency room and income too low to qualify for reduced insurance under the state insurance exchange. This segment of our Idaho population is being discriminated against; it is not right or fair. My neighbor has had the same job for over 30 years. He works hard to be self-sufficient and provide for his family, yet feels he cannot afford health insurance with no discount being available. Besides this, he was fined approximately 1,000 dollars last year by the Affordable Health Act (Obama Care) for not having health insurance.

Obama Care has been implemented for a couple of years now. My efforts, as well as several other legislators, to get this “gap population” included in a health insurance plan, whether through the affordable health care plan or a state coverage plan cost us dearly do to the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s scoring index. Regardless, I would not change my votes today.

I have very good health insurance. Not that I have done nothing to merit it, but rather by being old which qualifies for Medicare and being in the legislature and defined as a state employee.

I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I enjoy these benefits and a segment of our population is excluded. They are being discriminated against. If we exclude benefits for everyone so we are all treated the same—I am there. I understand what entitlements are, but presently do not feel the need for another lecture on the Constitution.

I am also not endeared to Congress right now. They have good salaries and excellent insurance and retirement benefits all in the name of service. If they are so beneficent why not have the same perks and benefits that the rest of us have that are paying for theirs’?

In past years I have had a relatively good score from the Idaho Freedom Foundation. This year it is an F+. Should I be consoled that it is not an F-. I don’t know whether to laugh or feel quilty. I do not have remorse about my votes that generated that index score.

I still like Wayne Hoffman. His effort to make legislators accountable to the voters and restore and preserve freedom with fiscal accountability is commendable.

Meanwhile, I don’t even think about how my particular vote will be scored (although I know how it will be scored) and I have no fear of breaking out in “hives” if I vote against Wayne and the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

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