Selecting a Handgun for The Ladies


What is the right handgun for the ladies. This is a complicated subject because there is no correct answer for everyone. There are simply too many choices and too many personal preferences. So, while I cannot provide an answer for anyone other than myself, I can offer up my ideas … Continue reading

DPR_36 The New Gun Won’t Run Blues

Sig P320

You did your research, watched or read every available review and then purchased, what for you is, the perfect handgun. If you are like me, you made your wife drive home from the gun store so you could ride along while foundling your new loved one. Nothing is more frustrating … Continue reading

DPR_26 The First Rule of Gun Ownership

Pocatello Police

Should you own a gun? The first rule of responsible gun ownership requires a detailed and intimate examination of one’s self. Will your ownership increase the safety of yourself, your family and society around you? It is an undeniable truth that some and perhaps many among us should never be … Continue reading

Citadel Review Follow Up

Citadel 1911

This article is a follow up to a review I wrote some months ago about a Citadel full sized pistol that I own. See my review here. Last week I was on a business trip to northern Idaho. While visiting PNW Arms in Potlatch, Idaho, they invited me to stay … Continue reading

Citadel 1911 Review

Citadel 1911

Reviewing this pistol has been a sort of a love/hate kind of a deal. How can I give the pistol good marks when I find so much about it to dislike. On the other hand, how can I say it is bad when I find so much about it that … Continue reading